Third, develop the e-commerce channels.
POLESTAR ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO.3 RMB), and 1. LED channel construction can also refer to the practice of NVC Lighting, stationed in appliances, super channel, expand market share, speed up the propaganda, popularization and promotion of products. For LED lighting products, e-commerce is a new channel model, and according to the National Semiconductor Lighting Project R & D and Industry Alliance research data show that sales through e-commerce products showed a gradual upward trend, companies can make use of this platform to open up new sales channels and occupy more market share.
Reaction from the market point of view, the price war is the upstream LED overcapacity direct result of one. In early 2012, industry sources on the lighting market is full of anticipation and active layout to open this market.
2.2 m LED tube is less than fifty RMB, which shows that LED into the formal $1 times, at the same time also let LED has entered a new round of price war., LTD built in 1997 7, is a wholly foreign-owned enterprises. Sells channel is LED products future a large channel, now LED products in supermarkets and stores can be seen everywhere. Products directly or indirectly exported around the world.Price war
The second half of this year, LED packaging enterprise wood Lin Sen shares announced that 3 w LED ball steep light just $1 (6. The latest statistics show that, relative to the beginning of this year, the LED upstream substrate and the chip price decline has been more than one-third.
Stream substrate and the rapid decline in chip prices, resulting in downstream products prices also followed down.
Fourth, the battle of the invisible construction
LED products terminal market is the consumer market, the ultimate goal is to sell to consumers, the channel is particularly important in this part. Covers an area of about 20000 square meters, plant area of about 13200 square meters.
Second, multiple channels to expand the sales network. Excess capacity, excess inventory levels, the increasingly fierce market competition, in order to maintain normal funding operation, enterprises maintain competitiveness in the industry, only to get the price war as a promotional tool. With the lighting designer team's growth and the quality promotion, light environment health and fusion has been attention, the enterprise can edison bulb lamp pay attention to the design elements, through the art design to influence and convince customers, achieve brand gradually develop. The current stage of the LED lighting, not only in general lighting market, also including entertainment lighting, agriculture lighting, sports lighting, commercial lighting, medical lighting, etc, the enterprise should be good at and familiar areas deep do fine, and to increase the added value of production to meet customer needs, the establishment of the brand, so as to improve bulb edison the reputation and the profession competitive power.
LED insider thought that the price war is a necessary stage in the course of development of the LED industry, should properly look at this phenomenon, on the one hand, to ease the price war to relieve excess upstream capacity, the other hand, companies should also ensure that products at lower prices quality.
Experts said that From the entire upstream investment situation, the investment growth of epitaxial wafers decreased from 46% last year to 10% this year, while the growth rate of investment in the field of downstream applications last year to 21%, in 2012 rose to 53%, so the LED industry investment focus transfer from upstream to downstream.Marketing personnel operating downstream products now, many manufacturers sold civilian LED lights, usually over a quarter of a price cut, each price adjustment in the range of 3% -5%. We hope you can join us and established long-term relations of cooperation with us.
First, the business philosophy, market segments, increase product added value. The main production of various Christmas lights series products and spare parts. In addition, local governments have introduced policies to vigorously support the development of the LED industry, LED upstream equipment MOCVD subsidies, and the intensity of the largest.
LED broad market prospects and local government policy support attract the blind madness of the LED industry professionals to join